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Dimitar Rupov

Drupal and React.js developer based in Vienna, Austria.

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Apollo Client React Hooks with Drupal GraphQL - Create Schema and Resolvers in Server, part 1

Published on 2019-09-07 at 18:44

Drupal decoupled React.js GraphQL Apollo

With version 16.8 React.js made the breaking change of introducing hooks as a new way to write your functional components. If you have used the Apollo Client to connect your GraphQL server to your React application - which you should, there are now more good news - Apollo Client has adopted the hooks-concept, making fetching and updating data a lot easier. Let’s see how we can do that with Drupal’s GraphQL implementation.

Decoupled Drupal - JSON-RPC To The Rescue

Published on 2019-07-12 at 18:43

Drupal JSON-RPC decoupled

JSON-RPC is a great Drupal module filling when from a decoupled application you e.g. need to extract or manipulate data in a custom way or more importantly run code in your content providing Drupal installation.

React lazy & Suspense API with Drupal

Published on 2019-06-26 at 17:52

React.js Drupal decoupled React.lazy() Suspense API

Since React 16.6 we have the possibility to load components on demand. This new feature is provided by the new method React.lazy(), which is part of the new Suspense API (WIP) of React.

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